Building a webpage in Express is a simple process. Make sure that you have all your text ready before you begin - it will help you plan out the sections and layouts.
If you are writing a poem as part of your materials for raising awareness, reading it over a video - with background music - will really take it to the next level. Thanks to Adobe Express, it's easy too!
For a campaign, you should produce a collection of digital assets, e.g. a logo, social media video, and a campaign poster.
In these three tutorials, you will learn all the skills you need to produce an effective digital campaign!
Infographics are posters that recap information and facts on a single page. It's a great way to present findings from your research or raise awareness of a topic.
With Adobe Express, you can easily produce incredible graphic designs with featured powered by Photoshop and Firefly AI.
What's a blog? Well, a blog (or a 'web log') is like an online diary or journal, where you can add individual entries on different days, themes - however you'd like to break it up.
Blogs can be simpler to create than webpages, as you can add as you go along.
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